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Organic Raw Milk Yogurt w/ Organic Gelatin
From Caroline, NY
2 Quarts (Liters) Raw Milk
1 tablespoon organic gelatin
2 packets freeze dried yogurt starter or 12 ounces of good quality organic yogurt
one yogurt maker (keeps the yogurt at a steady, warm temp)
Place milk in a double boiler or thick bottom pan and bring gently to a boil
*if using pasteurized milk, you only need to bring the milk to 114 degrees farenheit
Cool milk to 114 degrees farenheit
at this point add the gelatin and gently whisk in.
Then gently whisk in the yogurt starter
Place in large quart canning jars or glass jars of any size that will fit in yogurt maker and place in yogurt make with the lid on (follow manufacturers instructions)
This will take approximately 6 hours to culture to a great, thick consistency. Check by tipping the container and if there is liquid on side, it needs to stay longer until properly thickened.


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