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Organic Gelatin Powder, 5lbs
Organic Gelatin Powder, 5lbs

_P_Gelatin is a pure and easily digestible protein containing collagen, providing as many as 18 amino acids, which are the building blocks of proteins. It can be taken for dietetic treatments. For more information _A href='all_about_gelatine_3_6.pdf' target='_new'_Click Here._/A__BR__BR_Gelatin is also used to gel a multitude of dishes, from desserts to hearty side dishes to drinks. It is naturally clear �unflavoured, no colouring added, easy to use. _/P_ _P_√ Fat Free_/P_ _P_√ Gluten Free_/P_ _P_√ Cholesterol Free_/P_ _P_Add 2 tsp or 10 g to gel 500 ml (2cups) of liquid. _P__B_Ingredients: _/B_Certified Organic Porcine Gelatin _/P_ _P_5lb Bag_/P_ _P__FONT face=Verdana__STRONG_How to use GoBIO! Gelatin Powder_BR__BR_2 teaspoons of GoBIO! Gelatin will gel 2 cups of liquid. For creams containing egg yolks no more than 1 1/2 tsp. are required._/FONT__/P_ _P__FONT face=Verdana_For _STRONG_cold_/STRONG_ mixtures place gelatin and liquid in a saucepan and let it melt at very low heat while stirring. If you use a microwave for melting, turn to the highest power level and let it melt for 10 seconds. Add some tablespoons of the _STRONG_cold _/STRONG_mixture you want to gel to the dissolved gelatine and stir. Then add the rest of the _STRONG_cold_/STRONG_ dish, constantly stirring. _/FONT__/P_ _P__FONT face=Verdana_For _STRONG_hot_/STRONG_ mixtures simply add the gelatin to the _STRONG_hot _/STRONG_mixture, stir, the gelatin will dissolve instantly. _/FONT__/P_ _P__STRONG__FONT face=Verdana_Important: never add gelatin to boiling liquids otherwise the gelatin will lose its gelling quality._/FONT__/STRONG__/P_ _P__FONT color=#ff0000 face=Verdana__EM__STRONG_Gelling_/STRONG__/EM__/FONT__/P_ _P__FONT face=Verdana_After preparation place the dish in a refrigerator (not in the freezer!). The gelling time ranges from a few minutes to several hours depending on the recipe. For turning the dish out of the mould or for cutting it after gelling,we recommend to cool it overnight._/FONT__/P_ _P__FONT color=#ff0000 face=Verdana__EM__STRONG_Freezing_/STRONG__/EM__/FONT__/P_ _P__FONT face=Verdana_Desserts or cakes which have been prepared with cream or eggs are especially suitable for freezing. We also recommend to put jellied meats or jellied fruits or vegetables and wine jellies in the freezer._/FONT__/P_ _P__FONT color=#ff0000 face=Verdana__EM__STRONG_Turning the jelly out of its mould_/STRONG__/EM__/FONT__/P_ _P__FONT face=Verdana_To reveal the glossy shine of your jelly and to present it in the most appealing way, we recommend to turn it out of the mould. This works quite well if you use heat-conducting baking tins or pudding bowls. Dip a knife into warm water to separate the jelly from the mould. Dip mould into hot water (120-140 F or 50 �60 � C); rinse plate with cold water, cover mould with plate and turn upside down. Shake � ready to eat!!_/FONT__/P_ _P__BR_ _/P_


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