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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I read the Lot code on my GoBIO! product?

A: On the package of each GoBIO! product you will find a lot code, which was given to us by our suppliers. It shows the production date. For example, if a GoBIO! cube box shows the Lot no. L 17201, 17 = production year, 201 = production day accordingly to the Julian Calendar. This product was produced July 20, 2017 and is Best Before July 20, 2020

Here are the guide lines for the shelf life of the different GoBIO! products:
GoBIO! Organic Candies are Best Before 24 months after production.
GoBIO! Organic Bouillon Cubes, Organic Broth Powders and Organic Gelatin are Best Before 36 months after production.
GoBIO! Organic Pudding, Organic Custard and Organic Cornstarch are Best Before 60 months after production.

Q: Where do you source the palm oil you use in your GoBIO! Bouillon Cubes and Broth Powder from?

A: The Palm Oil used as an ingredient for the production of all of our GoBIO! Organic Bouillon Cubes and Broths is purchased from the sustainable source called RSPO - Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil Please read about RSPO’s vision & mission on their website www.rspo.org.

Q: What is glucose-fructose syrup in GoBIO! Organic Licorice made from?

A: GoBIO! Organic Licorice is made in Europe, where Glucose-Fructose Syrup (GFS) is made from organic Non GMO wheat and the fructose content in GFS is limited to about 5%. This is very different from High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS), made in the USA, which is produced from corn with a 55% fructose content.



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